Bernie wants a New York GP in 2012, Flav back in F1

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Bernie Ecclestone is talking about a new U.S. Grand Prix for 2012 — this time as close as possible to New York City.

Outlets that are picking this story up — including the Times of India — are highlighting it as a New York GP, which I suspect for easiness’ sake the race would be called.

But what Bernie really is talking about is a New Jersey GP. [Grace just choked on her Argentine white wine.]

Here’s what he’s saying:

“I’m trying for 2012, opposite Manhattan in New Jersey with skyscrapers in the background.

“Fifteen minutes from the centre of New York to the circuit. (It would be) a wonder.”

For non-U.S. readers, please note that half of the major New York sports teams I can think of actually play their home games in New Jersey, so Bernie isn’t really going out on a big limb here. The New York moniker is fair game.

There are next to no details yet about what he’s thinking, since… well, since we all know Bernie’s just spouting off. But, still…

And, I just have to note that I’ve posted a few items that said, essentially, “Man, the news is slow. When’s Bernie going to say something?”

This might be it.

Well, especially when you combine it with what else Bernie’s saying:

Ecclestone also said he could see Flavio Briatore returning to Formula One, despite the former Renault boss ruling out a comeback when his life ban over allegations he helped to fix the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix was overturned.

“I think he could take up a role in the promotion of Formula One,” said Ecclestone.

This is what happens when we have a slow news week, people!


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