Bernie wants even more tire-caused craziness in F1

The arguably already manipulated Formula 1 tire situation apparently isn’t crazy and unpredictable enough for F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

He wants more uncertainty. More messiness.

Tires should last no more than 100 kilometers, Bernie has told the Gazetta dello Sport. That’s about one-third of most races.

Here’s Bernie, link via Autosport:

“People want more overtaking,” Ecclestone said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. “I have a proposal: tyre sets that can be used for a maximum of 100 kilometres, with the one used in qualifying to be used in the first part of the race.

“This way we’d have more tyre changes at different times and there would be more confusion. The best races are the messy ones.”

We may have Bernie’s philosophy, finally, in one neat phrase: “The best races are the messy ones.”

Because, you know, the tracks he’s’ had his buddy Herman Tilke build aren’t going to give us good races without some external “mess.”

Because the regulations he’s allowed have ensured the cars can’t battle wheel-to-wheel.

Because the way he markets and controls F1 doesn’t full take advantage of new technology or really allow fan access and engagement with the sport and its drivers.

Butt there’s got to be a fix! Hey, did you see the Canadian Grand Prix? That was exciting! And it was because of the tires. Let’s make the show better that way!!

I’ve got a proposal: Let’s just round-up some used Goodyear Eagles each race weekend, nevermind if they aren’t 13 inches, and let the team principals rummage through a tire pile (maybe with a little fire going, you know, the F1 Tire Fire) to find the best ones and then they run on those.

Think about the excitement when you realize Fernando Alonso is sliding off track at Eau Rouge on your grandmother’s old rubber.

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