Big F1 season preview | Podcast Ep 824

Join Paul and me as we preview the 2023 Formula 1 season. We cover each team and driver and talk about what challenges they face and where we think they will end up in the constructors’ and drivers’ championships.

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Xean Drury

Is Lando really that good of a driver? There’s been so much hype about him since he got promoted to the big league, but to say that he’s even with Hamilton, Max, or Charles; I’m not so sure. He’s obviously good enough to be a number 1 driver in most teams, but I’m not sure that he has that little bit extra that’s required. And as for Charles, he needs to be more decisive and vocal to his team about what they should be doing during a race. This whole, “What should we do?” “I dunno what do you think… Read more »


I got to listen to this twice and it was very informative. The Netflix DTS show allowed some insight into the 3 new drivers, but your podcast put their inclusion into teams well into perspective. Thank you for taking the time… now, all we need is screen sharing of your computers showing the actual cars when you are referring to them (the YouTuve podcast). With Paul using a pointer to explain the cars’ details we are all surely desperate to understand.