Bild: Wolff to leave Williams for Haug-role at Mercedes?

There is no question that Austrian Toto Wolff is steeped in motor sport…even his wife, susie, is a race driver and he’s been invested in German DTM as well as Williams F1. His investment in the Williams F1 team saw him perform in the role of Executive Director during a time of big change at Williams. Wolff was involved at Williams when Patrick head, Sam Michael and Adam Parr were all released from their roles at the venerable team but now it seem that Bild has a new story about the future of Wolff.

According to the Germany’s Bild, Toto Wolff will be filling the role of VP of Mercedes Motor Sport recently vacated by Norbert Haug. The news agency says that Wolff has many ties with Mercedes and investment in DTM and that this could be announced at an upcoming DTM test.

BBC’s Jennie Gow tweeted that she had contacted Mercedes and Williams to seek clarification:

@jenniegow- Just spoken to @WilliamsF1Team and their official line is “No comment.”

@jenniegow- Just spoken to @MercedesAMGF1 who say “We would ask for your understanding that we do not comment on speculation.”

I am unaware of any sale of ownership in Williams that Wolff may have made over the last few months but it is odd that he would move from the role to another team if still invested with part ownership. I can’t imagine Sir Frank being comfortable with that position but this is all pure speculation on my part. Perhaps Wolff has divested himself or there was a conflict of interest withint he team. Wolff seemed to take a more prominent role lately with the press/media and had been making comments about team direction and actions. It was something new as Adam Parr  or Sir Frank would have normally been the man making those comments and Wolff’s role seemed to expand at Williams post-Parr.

Time will tell but Mercedes is shy of throwing money at a project. Niki Lauda and now, possibly, Toto Wolff? Seems like a “dream team” of a lot of chefs and not a lot of dishwashers and waiters. You never know if Formula One and perhaps Mercedes has a third seat open for Toto’s wife…who knows? I’ve learned not to discount anything but cautiously move forward and see if there is any merit to the situation and consider the ramifications of the move. Maybe Toto secretly wanted to work with Lewis Hamilton and with all the skills, money and power-brokers behind Lewis and Mercedes, it may not be a bad combination to hitch your dreams to.


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