BMW: Ditching KERS for good

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Th one team that has always been supportive of KERS is BMW. The one team you thought you could count on to continue with KERS has always been BMW. BMW were the team that scuttled the notion this spring that the KERS program be scrapped until 2010. They had invested heavily in it and were keen to keep it going. Just a couple weeks ago, FOTA determined that KERS should not be on the list of regulations next year and BMW was against ruling it out but went along with the vote anyway. Today, Dr. Mario Theissen said:

“We evaluated different alleys, proceeding with KERS or proceeding on the aero side and what could we do with no KERS on board,” he explained.

“We had made some significant progress on the aero side which does not allow to fit KERS, and we have taken a decision just a few days ago to no more run KERS this year because we see a more promising alley in developing the aero.”

Always a joke from a cost-cutting angle as well as a “green” angle, KERS has left a sour taste in many peoples mouths. Having been the brainchild of Dr. Pragmatism, Max Mosley, it is finally starting to see its future…a deep, unceremonious grave.

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