BMW: Heidfeld and Kubica for 2009

BMW Heidfeld
BMW have made a short announcement that they will continue utilizing the services of Nick heidfeld and Robert Kubica for their 2009 driver lineup.There were many rumors flying that Fernando Alonso was in line for Heidfeld’s seat and that Nick was on his way out but apparently those back-room talks did not bear fruit (if they were true at all).

Obviously I am going to say that this is a good idea for BMW as a Heidfeld fan but it actually is a good move. Nick is capable of winning and is one of the best development drivers in F1. His presence there is beneficial and if Robert is your superstar, then nick is the perfect teammate. Nick has proven he can drive a car and fits the BMW system very well. While Nick may be trailing his teammate this year in points and performance, that was not the case last year and Kubica has been very critical of the team lately…something you do not see Nick saying in the press.

Thank Dr. Mario for allowing Nick to stay and giving me a continued reason to cheer for BMW next year.

“I’m very pleased about this announcement and about the confidence that the team have shown in me,” said Heidfeld.

“I’ve always said that I was happy to stay with BMW Sauber because we’ve managed to achieve what we set out to do at this stage and I really hope that we will be battling it out for the title itself next year.

“There have been times this season when neither I nor the team could honestly say that we were satisfied with the way things were going, but we have always pulled together and come through.”

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