BMW join Ferrari in threat to leave F1

BMW’s Dr. Mario Theissen has joined Luca di Montezemolo in suggesting that should a two-tier system pervade in F1 the team may choose to leave the series. After revealing his plan for a 40 million pound cap for teams participating in the cost-regulated tier, there would remain other teams who could choose to have unlimited spending at a heavily restricted capacity. This, while economy-corrected, might seem appealing to small team or organizations who want to enter F1 but it is antithetical to the manufacturers who are currently involved. Dr. Mario said:

“A two-class formula one is not attractive to BMW,” the German said at a media event in Munich.

The BMW board re-approved the BMW-Sauber project in February, but Theissen warned that if the landscape in F1 dramatically changes, it would have “the same impact on the project”.

Source GMM.

The plot thickens. A new series with Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault would garner the interest of many fans around the world. Would a series involving Williams, Red Bull, Brawn GP, USF1 and Force India capture your imagination? A1GP may just be in the pound seats if Max continues to destroy the DNA of this sport but Max’s scorched-earth policy is nothing new to F1 fans…especially when Bernie’s friends over at CVC have a tremendous debt load to service. Message to FOTA from F1B? “Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly”.

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