BMW: They said they were going to!

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MArioBMW boss Mario Theissen said that production was going to be ramped up and new parts were find their way to the Eifel Mountians next week. That’s exactly what is happening according to Autosport’s ever-professional Jonathan Noble.

“Going into the German Grand Prix, we cannot be happy with the season so far,” he said on Friday. “After three successful years, this recent period has been the first set-back for our team – and is one we will overcome.

“After all, this is the same team in Munich and Hinwil that has delivered continuous improvements since the team was founded.

“We are all absolutely determined to start moving forwards again and I expect us to experience an upturn in form. It is certainly not easy to make up lost ground without the chance to do any testing, but that is what we’re aiming to do.

“We are bringing a series of mechanical improvements to the Eifel mountains, as well as a further developed version of our double-decker diffuser.”

I do like Dr. Theissen’s optimism on the situation and he is fully aware that they have always had an advancing career in F1 until 2009. This year has seen the team struggle to find mid-pack speed at best and with last years advances, this stumps many fans as they expected 2009 to be the year BMW shoots for the top.

Here is hoping that the team can find pace and some positive results for all their hard work.


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