BMW to continue development

BMW have announced that while disappointed with their Singapore results, they will continue to develop the car for the 2008 season to give Robert Kubica a fighting chance at the title.

File this under the, ‘Yes Bob, we’re trying hard over here and we’ll keep adding bits to make you fast and no we haven’t given up on you and no we don’t favor Nick and yes we want you to win’ type of situation for BMW.  Behind closed doors?  BMW are focused on the 2009 challenger lock, stock and barrel.

“Robert has lost a bit of ground in the championship, but the pace in Singapore was not too bad under normal circumstances, and Robert for sure would have scored a good amount of points (were it not for the safety car incident).

“We will continue though. We will try to have at least small modifications and updates for the next races and hope to get closer to the top. We are not far away, not the team and not Robert as our leading driver.”

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