BMW: Two Views From The Paddock

If anything else, it could be said that no one is quite sure how BMW will make out this year.

That may just be their secret weapon against Ferrari and McLaren. In two seperate interviews, Kimi and Ron have different opinions of how BMW will do this season. With a surge of exciting proportions at Bahrain, BMW has got everyone’s attention. Kimi thinks they have a good shot at winning race while Ron feels their charge will fade starting in Europe.


“In the end I already said that in this season it will be very hard to gain every single place. It will be a very long and tough championship. I wouldn’t be surprised if BMW won some races this year.

“There will be Grands Prix where we will be stronger and others where they will have an advantage; the same is true for McLaren, who remain very competitive.”


“I think that we respect all competitors and they’re doing a better job than they’ve done at any other time in their involvement in F1.

“But it is when we get to Europe that the R&D and speed of manufacture starts to make a difference. We’ll be very strong and I’m not at all unduly worried about the future. It will be a fight right through the season.”

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