BMW’s Pace…Or Lack Thereof

What concerned me Friday was BMW’s pace comparatively. Now we all know teams hold their cards close to the chest and different fuel loads could have played a key role but just where are BMW in the mix of things?

Not to rush to conclusions but perhaps one of the bigger stories this winter season may just be BMW’s radical design an aggressive 2008 car design. There is no question one needs to make a big leap to try and reach the top. I have argued the point in stories prior to this but what concerns me is Fridays on-board shots of how the BMW, and most other cars, looked very twitchy without their Traction Control and engine braking. The car seemed very unpleasant to drive and on a green track such as Melbourne, one may just see several cars struggling for grip.

The BMW seemed unsteady in braking, no surprise as everyone struggled with that, and also unsteady in medium speed corners. I wonder how much mechanical grip BMW have or have not from their new design? Could BMW find themselves fighting Williams, Toyota or Red Bull for mid-pack this year or is Nick correct?

We’ll find out in just a few hours when all teams throw their cards down in bid for pole position at the Australian Grand Prix of 2008!

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