Bonus Bravado Award to man behind ‘Webber mulling retirement’ quote

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I’m stepping into Todd’s realm now, and surely stealing some thunder, but with new awards on the post-race podcasts, I realize he won’t be handing out a Matt Bishop Bravado this Monday.

So, I’m here to tell you who would have won.

First, the quote, which we’ve found via Top Gear.

“I don’t know how long [Mark Webber] plans to stay in Formula 1, but I get the sense that it’s one of the years he wants to finish on top and perhaps call it a day. He has the best chance to end on that high this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is considering it.”

As the Top Gear folks are kind enough to point out, additional reasons to wonder about Webber’s long-term F1 tenure include a particular WRC driver, who isn’t exactly tearing up the gravel/snow/tarmac but does have a Formula 1 championship sitting on his shelf. [Kimi Raikkonen, for those just resurfacing from a long nap.]

We will see if anyone picks up on this quote and whether Webber has to answer it.

And, before our reveal, the real reason this one gets the Bravado Award is because it was said in Webber’s home country, where it would get maximum effect. [Admittedly, Top Gear doesn’t provide the context, so maybe the “hometown” journalists were fishing for a story.]

But, still, Lewis Hamilton should have known better than to give them one.


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