Bonus Your View: Who wins Monaco?

I almost went with “Who will make it through first qualifying?” as the pre-race question, so feel free to answer that, too.

I make no apologies. I’m an unabashed fan of the pageantry and “feel” of Monaco, even if the race doesn’t always turn into the most exciting grand prix of the year. [I do think Monaco qualifying is the best show of the year.] So I’m super excited for this weekend’s race.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to Paul, Mark and Todd’s predictions, so I’m going to propose mine in a full F1B vacuum:

1st: Hamilton
2nd: Alonso
3rd: Webber

FO: De la Rosa

Poll: Hamilton (duh!)

Your View: Who drives to the podium and who is first out this weekend? [Plus, add any other wild guesses about Q1, etc.]

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