Bottas raises $150k with bum pic calendar

While in America, Valtteri Bottas had a picture taken for his social media platform of him, naked  in a mountain stream in Aspen Colorado. It was quite the talk in F1 circles.

Capitalizing on his backside, for Mowvember this year, he released a poster of his bum, nude and promoted it at the last couple races of the season. The campaign is over but he raised some good cash for a good cause.

“Thank you so much for all the support in November,” he wrote. “With the donations and with the calendars we have together raised a substantial amount for Movember – meaning WE have really helped and will affect and save many people’s lives.

“Final figures to be calculated in the next days, but we are talking around $150k of funds raised!”

I wasn’t alone in asking why he chose to do a calendar of his butt:

“Well, I did get a message from my mum,” he said. “Like, ‘What is this?’ She doesn’t really understand English either that well, and she saw some of the videos that I posted, and she was quite confused and protective. Like, ‘Are you sure that’s the path you want to go?’


“So then I explained the charity thing, and so it’s fine. I’ve had questions, people asking like, why did you do that? Like why do you want to show your ass?

“But then when I explained the charity aspect and people kind of get it. And we had so much fun, you can imagine, making that, taking those pictures”

Fair enough but I suppose I’m not the target audience for Valtteri’s bum.

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