Bottas to stay, Vettel turns pink?

G.P. AUSTRALIA F1/2020 - MELBOURNE 12/03/2020 credit: © Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Reading two driver rumors articles today, I am reminded that contracts in Formula 1 must be some of the most malleable documents in the legal world given the rate at which teams and drivers can move in and out of the deals they sign.

The first is probably not a huge surprise. Mercedes has two seats available for 2021 and one of them most likely has Lewis Hamilton’s name on it but there was debate as to if the team would re-sign Valtteri Bottas. After a terrific win in the season opener in Austria and a second place in the Styrian GP, perhaps the rumor os his new contract is all rather pedestrian.

2020 Styrian Grand Prix, Saturday – Steve Etherington

The prevailing scuttlebutt about Sebastian Vettel being of interest isn’t materializing and to be honest, Valtteri is delivering exactly what the team need him to deliver given their number one driver is winning titles. I am intrigued that not many in the press were mentioning George Russell and that’s unfortunate.

Speaking of Vettel, the new rumor is that he and the Racing Point team are in discussions about a move to the team for 2021 when they re-brand as Aston Martin. Mercedes power their cars, road and F1 to be exact, and they may be happy with a 4-time champion joining the team and becoming an Aston Martin road car ambassador.

Sergio Perez has a longterm contract but the suggestion, via Bild newspaper, is that the deal is close to being done. So is there a break clause that would allow them to jettison Perez? After this week’s performance in Austria, that would be a real slap in the face and was that performance inspired by the possible thought of losing his ride?

To be honest, I know the owner’s son, Lance Stroll, is the other driver but if it were me, I would keep Sergio and sign Sebastian in a heartbeat and let Lance drive elsewhere or move him to the sports car series in an Aston Matin. That’s jut me, though.

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Xean Drury

The only solution: Vettel and Perez in Aston Martin Racing, and Stroll and Hulkenberg in the new sister team Astono Martino Racingo.

Worthless Opinion

I can’t imagine any team taking Vettel on. He’s not good enough to be the leader of a contender, he doesn’t realize that so he wouldn’t work as a wingman, he probably wouldn’t go to a lesser team but even if he did he’d cost too much salary and too many parts. We’ve had two races this year and he hasn’t done a lap, am I wrong about that? Perez is probably actually better than Vettel at this point and he comes with a trainload of cash. This one’s easy.


I can’t see it happening, Papa Stroll is a business man, and it doesn’t make financial sense to get Seb to replace Sergio.

The cost of buying out Sergio’s contract, plus the loss of money from his sponsorship, and then to pay the salary that Seb would demand, just doesn’t make sense.

Mind you, I’ve been wrong before.


Although Stroll Jr had a reasonable result (in the points) last time out, his finishing position compared to Perez shows just how poor his race pace is when you consider where they both started. Stroll Snr should be looking for another seat for his son if he is serious about the team maximizing their results. As you say, he is a business man, and from a business proposition Better and Perez makes more sense than any other combination. He could use the extra prize money Aston Martin would get to offset the cost of Stroll Jr’s drive for Williams, Alpha… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by MIE
Mike take. For Perez to now make the comment, ‘Business is Business, I understand that’, and that he says other teams have contacted him…yes. It most likely CAN happen. Why am i excited about this, even though I think Lance will have to stay… Perez is a great talent. We saw his ability given a strong car. If he goes…he SHOULD be snapped up by Haas. Ro-Gro out. Perez is a team player and has worked with Force India and Racing Point to develop this car to this level. I have zero trust Gro had ANYTHING to do with development… Read more »