Bourdais is “negative”

If you watched the American CHAMP car series before its merger with Indycar, you will not be surprised by the statements of STR’s Franz Tost. Sebastien Bourdais has always been considered a bit of a whiner when things don’t go well. That reputation was built here in the states in the CHAMP car series. After a year and a half, Scuderia Toro Rosso has begun to realize this. We could have saved them a lot of trouble if they would have visited F1B.

Now I like Le Seb and lobbied hard for his retention at STR. I am happy they chose to keep Le Seb but you do have to deal with the nuances of each personality and Le Seb has a tendency to whine. He’s still a good racer and airing peoples personality quirks in public is really not the best way to get Le Seb in his “happy place”.

Bourdais “begins to look at things in a negative way very quickly”. “He knows how to drive a racing car fast, however his negative attitude gets in the way too often.”

Source GMM

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