Bourdais wants STR answer now

Sebastien Bourdais is looking for a ride next year. Preferably a ride with STR but team principle Gerhard Berger says they are in no hurry to decide their 2009 driver line-up. I have to agree with Le Seb, if he waits any longer, he may not have a ride so time is of the essence. If you are Le Seb what do you do? Start making contingency deals or hire an attorney and break your contract with STR? If I were Le Seb, I would be gunning to join Renault as Fernando’s #2.

“Well, there is no chance for me,” he said about Toro Rosso possibly waiting until after the end of the season to make their mind up.

“I am a professional race car driver and I cannot put everything to wait and wait and wait. If, in December, they choose to go with someone else then I could be left with no seat, so there is no way I can wait for that long.

“At the moment I need a decision, but that is all I can do. It is not really my responsibility from then on. Things are a bit more complex than I would like it to be, and unfortunately I may pay the price, but there is not much I can do about it.”

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