Brawn committed to FOTA

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Ross Brawn has reiterated his commitment to FOTA amongst the latest descending team, Force India, who filed their unconditional application (joining Williams F1) this week. Ross knows that his reason for being on the grid at all was due to the generosity of McLaren and Mercedes so he is not about to leave them now.

“I understand Frank’s position, Frank had contractual agreements with Bernie and the FIA which we don’t have, so he had some difficulty in that respect,” said Brawn about the impact of the Williams entry.

“But the existence of this team was dependent on the support of FOTA teams – McLaren and Mercedes in particular are the reason why we are here, and I think the FOTA initiatives are good.

“We seem to have had a disconnection in terms of liaising and negotiating with the FIA, and that has perhaps been the problem because FOTA has got a lot of good ideas and the FIA has got a lot of good ideas. Hopefully those ideas will be brought together to find a solution.

“We seem to have disconnected somehow in this process and what we need to do is reconnect, and I feel that I want to be part of FOTA. It is a good initiative and I feel I can help more towards finding a solution being a member of FOTA than I can stepping out of it, so I intend to remain within FOTA.”

Read the rest of the article and quotes at Autosport here. It is a good article as only Mr. Noble can do.

Ross seems to also suggest a real disconnect when trying to deal with the FIA. Are you new to the FIA? A lot of the speculation has been on Brawn GP as they too only exist to race and should they be denied entrance in to the series next year; they surely would fold up shop. A very similar position as Williams and Force India. But to Ross’s credit; he is hanging tough with FOTA and I think that’s great!


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