Brawn: Diffuser row has not hurt FOTA

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Ross Brawn
Ross Brawn has given a resounding compliment to the professional manner in which the formula One Teams Association (FOTA) has handled the entire diffuser row. Apparently while they may be upset with the use of the diffuser, they have still remained in concert in their direction and goals. The McLaren issue will be next concern and the team is very much at the forefront of FOTA. How this is handled within the organization will be crucial. I maintain that the teams must stay unified and defend McLaren at some level. Hear me out on this…

The FIA and FOM need this major scandal to upset the teams and fan the flames of discontent. They were hoping the Diffuser issue would do that but it has had little impact on FOTA, per Brawn’s comments, and they need another angle. “Fibber-gate” (no I can’t claim authorship on that phrase), has been the “other” opportunity. while lying is never good in the sport, the teams could show some unity here if the punishment is too harsh in their view. They must weather this WITH McLaren irrespective of their involvement. Ferrari, for once, had nothing to do with this and I doubt anyone has firm ground to clamor on about the Red Car Rule but Ferrari could help McLaren in this situation. I am hoping this will still fail in separating the teams and crushing FOTA.

Ross Brawn said:

“What I am pleased about is that FOTA is still operating well within its mandates, objectives and so on,” said Brawn, whose team’s diffuser design has been protested by Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, and Renault.

“This has not, as far as I can tell, damaged FOTA. We have to learn to work in that way, because we when we get on the track there will be instances where we will get very upset with each other.

“We have to put that to one side and say within FOTA we are trying to do something which is good for the sport.

“I draw this analogy with rugby, which is that you go out on the field and try and kill each other, then you come back and you have a beer. You have got to be able to separate those two things. And FOTA has got to be able to do that.

“We have got to be able to go out on the race track, objecting to someone’s technical specs of the car is all part of it. It is part of the event, and we have got to able to put that to one side and say, ‘okay we are having our situation there but let’s work on trying to help Formula 1 improve and become better’.

“If we do that, and we seem to be able to do that, then that means FOTA can work. If the first time we fall out on the track it blows FOTA apart then that’s no good and I don’t think that will happen.”


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