Brawn: FIA could run Breakaway series/FOTA update

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In an interesting turn of events, Brawn GP team principle Ross Brawn has suggested that the FIA could actually run the FOTA-threatened breakaway series. This, as you will recall, is due to the European Commission’s insistence that the FIA be involved in any motor sport. Ross reckons the FIA could assist with the Stewards, scrutineers and issues of that nature. Certainly safety as well.

“I think the agreement with the European Commission is that the FIA has to offer to do that (for) any competitive series that wants to set up,” said the Brawn GP chief.

“If you want, the FIA can run the series for you. They can provide the stewards, the scrutineers and things of that nature. So, that is available if FOTA wants to take it up,”

Max Mosely, FIA President, certainly alluded to that several months ago when the subject of a breakaway series emerged. Consequently, Max said Sunday that the FIA would not file lawsuits against FOTA (as previously mentioned by him on Saturday) in hopes that further negotiations could take place. Bernie Ecclestone also chimed in on the matter Saturday by suggesting that if the teams would agree to a 5-year contract, the FIA should drop the budget cap issue. As we know, that is one component of the FOTA concern; the other being Max Mosely and the regulatory control of the sport currently held by the FIA.

John Howett, Toyota team boss and butt of Max Mosley’s derision of late, told Speed TV’s Adam Cooper that starting a breakaway series would not be that difficult.

“I think there’s been quite a lot of basic groundwork looked at. It’s not insurmountable at all, quite simple I believe.”

“I think it’s fairly easy. The circuits will be very happy to receive us next year. The drivers seem very committed to the basic principle to maintain a championship with the best drivers, the best cars, and hopefully more connection and more involvement of the fans, which is something we think can be improved.”

All of this may eventually work out and in that case it will be the first time I can recall that Max and Bernie were actually out-Max and Bernie’d on a issue in many years.


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