Brawn GP is born; Honda F1 R.I.P.

Ross Brawn
After hearing the noise that Ross Brawn was taking over control the the F1 team started by Honda in what amounts to a management buyout; it is officially announced today that Brawn GP is born.

“The past few months have been extremely challenging for the team but today’s announcement is the very pleasing conclusion to the strenuous efforts that have been made to secure its future.

“Firstly, it is a great shame that having worked with Honda Motor Company for so long we can no longer continue together. I would like to thank Honda for the fantastic co-operation and support we have received throughout this process – particularly those members of the senior management who were closely involved with concluding our agreement – and for the faith they have demonstrated in myself and our team.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to pay due credit to our staff at Brackley. The levels of motivation and commitment that I have witnessed at the factory deserve the highest praise.”

“It would be impossible to mention all of the people without whom today’s announcement may not have been possible, however I would like to express particular appreciation for the support we have received from Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, the FIA, FOM, FOTA, BERR, Bridgestone, our other team partners and our many fans the world over.

“The journey ahead will be challenging but exciting and we know we can count on their continued enthusiasm for our team and its ambitions.”

So where is Nick? What has become of the Magic 8-Ball? How much money did Bernie fork out? Did Honda finance Ross’s deal? Why did Ferrari not back their old mate Ross? does Bernie’s interest extend beyond financial backing to a leadership role and inclusion in FOTA? will there be layoffs at the base in Brackley? If so, how many? Will the car be remotely competitive? Does Honda have look-back rights in return for selling? How much cash did Ross pony up? Who is the sponsor(s)?

Here is what we do know, Lego Ruberns and Jenson “last chance” Button will be the drivers. In fact, we know very little.

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