Brawn GP ready for updates

Ross Brawn says that the team will see new updates for their car at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. While Bran GP have been successful this year, Jenson Button suggested last week that the Red Bull cars had passed them in performance in his opinion.

The concern of course is with Brawn’s ability to raise the cash needed for continual development of their cars throughout the year and I have suggested this is why a fading brawn GP team mid-year would not surprise me. But to my happy surprise, it seems that Brawn GP does have the dosh needed to continue development so this is a good situation for them to be in. Leading the World Championship and delivering new upgrades this weekend. With the other teams rapidly developing the Dual-Diffuser upgrade for their cars, it will be crucial for Brawn GP to improve the other areas of the car that are less efficient. Red Bull seem to be on par with Brawn GP and they have yet to fit their Dual-Diffuser yet so this should be a concern for Brawn GP.

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