Brawn GP Secure New Sponsors

Much has been made about the mostly white cars that lead the F1 Championship. The pace, the diffuser and the money. It was clear that Honda not only sold the team to Ross Brawn and Nick Fry but they also bankrolled the first year in F1 for the newly re-branded team.

It was interesting then that the Brawn’s showed up in Australia this year with Virgin as their sponsor. It was later learned that this sponsorship was tenuous and on a limited basis. Many suggested that Sir Richard Branson, head of Virgin, would take over the team or become part owner or extend a major sponsor contract. All of this failed to materilize and questions remained about just who would be sponsoring the team when the Honda seed money ran out.

Those fears can be put to bed according to team principle Nick Fry. Explaining to Autosport:

“We have zero worries on funding for this year, next year, the year after, and the year after that,” he told AUTOSPORT. “I smile when people talk about money, because we’ve always had the finances for this year, and neither Ross nor I would not have taken on the team if we did not have the money for this year.

“We’ve signed some nice contracts, and those will come out into the open when we launch the car next year, but we will see what happens. There is zero worry on our side.”

So a combination of sponsors that have solidified Brawn’s championship bid for the next three years is really good news for the Brackley-based team and the fans that follow them. I have argued that Brawn’s future success will be dependent upon their ability to have resources that would allow them to develop the car during the year to stay on par with the big teams and some of that fear was starting to nag on me as Brawn has recently been off form as of lately.

It seems that they may have solved this issue and I smile when Nick Fry smiles about people talking about money. Nothing is guaranteed Mr. Fry but I am sure you have completed your due diligence on the veracity of your new investors and have made the correct move to keep Brawn GP in tact for the foreseeable future. Good news? You bet!

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