Brawn has hope

Ross Brawn recently was quoted at Autosport as remaining positive about the future of the beleaguered team in which has been Team Principle for just 12 months. He feels there is still hope for a buyer and that the team will be very competitive. Ross will have his work cut out for him but if his track record is anything worth keeping in mind, perhaps a buyer will see the value in a Brawn-designed car and team. Let’s cross our fingers.

“Well, it is the first time I’ve been made redundant!,” says Brawn, conceding how unique a situation he finds himself in. “But motor racing and particularly Formula One, which is what I know, is always a series of challenges. And often challenges that you do not expect but you have to deal with.

“This is a challenge on a level that does not bear much comparison with what has happened before, but you just have to look at things that have happened that were not planned.

“For me personally, there were things like the bargeboard incident in Malaysia (in 1999) where you suddenly have a situation and you have got to deal with it – in whatever way you can. And this is a situation that we have to deal with.

“We have to put together our plans, we have to work out of a way of finding a suitable buyer for the company, identify them and decide on the shape of the company for the future. This is an unplanned challenge, but life and motor racing is full of unplanned challenges. I left Ferrari because I was getting a little bit bored, so this is certainly something to stop me getting bored.”

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