Brawn: No #1 status for Lewis

Ross Brawn told AUTOSPORT that Lewis Hamilton never sought Number One status as a part of his signing with Mercedes. The team boss says Hamilton merely wanted equality:

“Lewis never asked for any priority at all, he just asked for equality,” Brawn told AUTOSPORT.

“He was pleasant in that he had no desires to have any special treatment or any unique facilities. Lewis just expects to have an equal opportunity in the team, as we would like to do as well.

“The conversation was relatively short in that area and I was impressed that he was positive enough to take that view and not attempt to protect some sort of position which would have been quite difficult for the team to accept.

“We never got into a discussion because Lewis didn’t raise it. And if he had raised it, we probably wouldn’t have wanted to do it.”

There is little surprise in this story for me as I find Lewis fully confident in his ability to perform and take on any teammate he may be partnered with. I do not think Nico Rosberg, or any other driver for that matter, poses a threat to him due to his confidence in the pace and ability he has.

That’s not to suggest he’s arrogant, quite the opposite…he’s damn quick and he’s confident in that and knows that he will rise to the top of any team he is in. Demanding #1 status would only muddy the waters of contract negotiations while asking for parity would be something that could have the nuance and onus that could scuttle contracts if proven otherwise (think Vettel and Webber with the new front wing nonsense).

Lewis doesn’t need contractually negotiated #1 status with a team, he naturally assumes that position through his talent. What he does need is solid footing and a car that will give him a chance to win. If he isn’t winning, he isn’t happy and if he isn’t happy he becomes rattled. That’s where Jenson Button took advantage of Lewis and surpassed him in the points chase. It’s also where Rosberg could unhinge him as well…not on track but in the head.

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