Brawn: Red Bull’s elation will turn to fear

Few in the Formula One paddock know more about winning and the pressure to continue winning than Mercedes boss Ross Brawn. Having been the architect of the Ferrari domination from 2000-2004, Brawn understands what it takes to keep the continued winning streak going and says that Red Bull’s elation over a third title will be short-lived. AUTOSPORT’s Jonathan Noble has the story:

“To win a race is a massive challenge, to win enough races to win a championship is pretty special, and to do it consecutive years is even more special,” said Brawn.

“But I know their pleasure is going to be shortlived in that they are already thinking about next year.

“In our case, it was fantastic to win it, but always there is the pressure of the following year – you want to win it, repeat it, and do it again.

“It is so intense in F1, you rarely sit back and feel job done, fantastic.

“There is a feeling of elation and achievement, but a fear of failure that is immediately there for the following year. You have that mixture of emotions.”

You can imagine the pressure on Red Bull to continue their winning streak and their new sponsorship deal with Infiniti may help with the technical challenges for not only 2013 but the 2014 season when regulations are said to be changing drastically. Ferrari faced regulatory changes during their reign as well and Brawn understands that challenge too.

Mr. Noble has done a nice job of comparing the two teams on their championship runs so check that out here. The interesting ration is the win percentage for each team.

As the team begins to focus on the 2013 season, can Red Bull keep the winning streak alive? Regulations are changing very little for 2013 and some argue that McLaren will be the team to beat as they have a tremendous chassis to improve upon. Red Bull will most likely be there but can Ferrari and Lotus amount an attack at the front and if you believe in the system that Ross Brawn has put together, in the hands of a talent like Lewis Hamilton, one has to think they will be gunning for Red Bull in 2013.

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