Brawn: Schumacher showing ‘encouraging signs’


I’ve written extensively about living though head injuries regarding my father so I won’t regurgitate it here but according to Ross Brawn, Michael Schumacher has had some encouraging signs of improvement:

“The family have chosen to conduct Michael’s convalescence in private and I must respect that,” Brawn said..

“There are encouraging signs and we are all praying every day that we see more of them,” added Brawn, who was close to Schumacher. “So it is difficult for me to say very much and respect the family’s privacy.

“All I would say is there is a lot of speculation about Michael’s condition. Most of it is wrong and we just pray and hope every day that we continue to see some progress and that one day we can see Michael out and about and recovered from his terrible injuries.”

Now, while that is really good news and the family will be encouraged by that, they could be very limited improvements that to an outsider seem like he’s getting better and we may see him at a race soon. That’s very much not the case.

In my own personal situation, signs of improvement are contextual like feet movement, weight gaining, cognitive response to words or stimuli, recognition of others etc. It all depends on where he was and how much improvement they have seen. By all accounts, I think these improvements are the kinds of things that loved one will be very happy to see but fans around the world may find incredibly basic and even disappointing as they have had little information on his condition.

I agree with the family to keep this out of the public eye as it is no one’s business but doing so means that any time there is a comment from a close associate of Michael’s about his condition, it can lead to false hope and expectations as fans know nothing of his original state and progress no matter how slight.

In my own case, I may say that my father (who passed away) has made encouraging progress and to an outsider, they may think he’s ready for a phone call when in fact, he simply recognized my mother for the fist time and knew who she was. You get my point.

Regardless, this happened to me when I was about Mick’s age and I know the pain all too well so slight improvements are very good for the family right now no matter how basic they may seem to us as fans.

Hat Tip: BBC Sport

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Hi Todd, very sorry to read about the experience you and your family went through with your your father. Undoubtedly that gives you insight into what Schumacher and his family are going through since the accident. Fingers crossed that Schumacher is able to make a recovery back to a some form of normal lifestyle, in the near near future.

Negative Camber

Thank, I wrote pretty extensively about my personal experiences back when the skiing accident with Michael happened. What I can say, not contradicting your comment at all here, is that as a family, you radically adjust what the “New Normal” is in these situations. What used to be normal will most likely never be normal again, a new normal and small steps toward improvement are what they live for now.


What did Brawn do?! This will trigger yet another round of insensitive or stupid comments.

My expectations are that he will never be sitting or walking again and that in a few years we will get a notice that he has died.

It will be a very long extended goodbye :-(

Negative Camber

That was my point of posting this, it is about having the right expectations contextually. When Ross “improvements” they are most likely not what fans are thinking. It is important to have this contextual perspective here.

manny petty
manny petty

Although I fully respect eveyone’s right to privacy, I honestly don’t understand why Schumacher’s family insists on being so secretive about Michael’s condition. What would be the harm in simply letting the thousands–perhaps millions–of Schumacher fans know what his status is, and his current prognosis? Wouldn’t that be better than what we’re left with now, which is just rumor and speculation? As a devoted fan myself, I truly care about Michael and am terribly frustrated not having any idea what’s happened to my hero. Is he in a near vegetative state? Can he communicate with his family? Is he even… Read more »


Because it is none of our business.


Schumacher’s professional life was in the public eye, but he kept his private life and family very private. His current situation falls very much in the private area. I’m sure his family are having a hard enough time dealing with the current situation without the constant attention of well intentioned press and fans.