Brawn: Schumacher won’t return

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With the media storm attempting to place Michael Schumacher at the new Mercedes Grand Prix team, the team boss Ross brawn says no. According to Eurosport, Brawn has spoken out on the Schumacher comeback furor that has been coagulating in media corners like dust bunnies at grandma’s house.


“The media are trying to put together a dream. Michael would have returned to the cockpit for Ferrari, but only temporarily. He has no ambitions to start a new career.

“If we get a combination of two equally strong drivers, then the strategy will be different than if you have a winner like Michael.

“Following Button’s move to McLaren, we will think differently. My desire is to find two experienced drivers. Nico Rosberg has more than three years in Formula 1, so I count him to be experienced.

“I do not want a novice who must find their way around racetracks, because we have very few opportunities to test drivers now. Performance without much practice is therefore the task. The good thing is we are not in a hurry.”

There is a conventional feeling that anytime someone says ‘no’ in F1 it actually means yes so the rumors persist. Perhaps fueled by a desire to see the great 7-time champion return as many felt he was forced out of F1 too early. Many relish the veteran battling the young guns of F1 and even detractors want it to happen to prove that Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel are better than the German champion.

Whatever the reason, it appears that all the rumor mongering is good for Mercedes. They announced today that one seat will go to Nico Rosberg (no shock there) and to keep the other seat open for a few weeks wouldn’t hurt anyone and allow for rumors to keep the focus on their program. Peter Windsor must be jealous at such PR coverage.


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