Brawn: Sponsors nervous over FIA/FOTA row

ITV quoted Ross Brawn as suggesting that sponsors are getting nervous with the FIA/FOTA row. No on knows just what championship they are going to be sponsoring and even the new teams are in limbo as they have no idea what series they are entering and who they will be racing.

Stand to reason because if I was Vodafone, I would be concerned about the issue as my advertising dollar may not be used to reach the audience I signed up for. Even if FOTA does breakaway, can they guarantee the same levels of interest and TV viewers that Formula 1 has? Can F1 hold the same interest and TV viewer ratings if the top teams leave? That is the question i would be asking as a marketing director at Vodafone or any other sponsor shelling out big dollar sot be involved with an F1 team.

“Partners for the future want to know where they are partners of.

“All this difficulty is extremely damaging commercially for all in Formula 1.”

“These new teams, what championship are they entering?” said Brawn.

“Who are they racing?

“How can they go to their sponsors and say ‘we’re going to be sat next to Ferrari on the grid next year’ when Ferrari might not be there?

“Nobody is able to progress on the commercial front today because of the uncertainty.

“So it’s damaging for everybody, not just the teams that have made a conditional entry, it is damaging to teams trying to enter.”

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