Brawn to leave Mercedes…in a heap

It was most likely inevitable that Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn was going to leave and his interview with Sky Sports a few weeks back shed light on the tenuous nature of the negotiations. He may have been looking California but he clearly was feeling Minnesota in that chat.

Niki Lauda was mentioned in a few articles about his efforts to keep Brawn but in the end, Ross is no man’s second man…or third. He’s in charge or he’s ghost like Swayze.

Before you throw rocks and bottles at Brawn for his trenchant position on the matter, realize he’s a title-winning machine who doesn’t just hope for better days…he breathes lightning and makes better days happen by simply being around a group of people with a chassis, a spanner and a will to win. Niki knows this but he’s outnumbered.

Mercedes may still be painting Brawn with a Brod Dugan color known as “slight failure” due to the lack of success with Schumacher’s return. That’s ill advised and I believe Niki knows that as well. No offense to Paddy Lowe but he’s no Brawn and he has big shoes to fill…like size 18’s.

It’s not clear on where Ross will go but the BBC’s Delphic duo, Eddie Jordan and Andrew Benson, says that the rumors of a move to McLaren are not carrying water and neither is the thought of leading Honda’s return to Formula 1.

I hear Ferrari are having some difficulties. Where do you think he’ll go if anywhere? Will he take some gardening leave from F1 and fish?

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