Brawn to pick drivers for 2010

Ross Brawn, the boss of Brawn GP turned Mercedes, will be in charge of deciding who the team hires as their drivers for the 2010 season. This according to Daimler chariman Dieter Zetsche.

“Ross Brawn is the boss of the team and it would not be smart for us to dictate to him anything like a driver decision,”

“We will talk and listen to what he wants to do and typically agree.”

Ross Brawn

Speculation has placed German Nico Rosberg as the teams first driver with the second position still open. Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug was quoted as mentioning discussions with veteran Nick Heidfeld as well but was quick to squelch any all-German team notions telling Reuters:

“This will be an international team like Mercedes is a global player,” he said.

“If you look back in our history we very often have been criticised for not having a German driver so we were always open and we took the driver decision always together with McLaren.

And this will be the same in the future.

“We want to have the best ones and we definitely do not want to have the pure German team or whatever. It is an international Silver Arrows team.”

While Zetsche offered his impressions of the driver makeup:

“certainly would not be opposed if one of them would be German but that is not a pre-requisite that we would give the team.”

So who will it be? Chances are it won’t be Jenson Button but perhaps there is another angle to be made in keeping with the “international” flavor. If you look at the current crop of drivers and pretend they are not already obligated, there are a few that come to mind:

Timo Glock
Nick Heidfeld
Adrian Sutil

Uh…gee, these are all German guys.

Christian Klien…Austrian so that’s close to German right?
Anthony Davidson
Kamui Kobayashi…which fits that “international” bill as well as Japanese market
Jarno Trulli…but I doubt they look under that rock

And my personal favorite?

Lewis Hamilton. Yep, if I am Anthony hamilton I would be on the phone this afternoon to sort something out. McLaren is not going to be the team it was and if you are seeking a large manufacturer budget, then staying with Merc and not McLaren makes more sense for the former world champ.

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