Brazil GP move to Rio, 2 races to be axed for 2020

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The Brazilian president announced that the Formula 1 race in Brazil would move to Rio instead of remain at Interlagos in Sao Paulo. He said it would be a new purpose-built track named after Senna designed by Herman Tilke…of course.

The financial situation at Interlagos is uncertain and the new track is said to be funded by private investors in Deodoro. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was shocked by the news.

“I wasn’t aware that it’s going to happen. I heard some rumours but I think it’s a shock.

“Interlagos is a great place, a lot of history. The old track at Interlagos is even better than the current one!

“It’s a great place, so it’s a real shame. I’m sort of a fan of hanging on to old things.”

If that wasn’t shocking enough, F1 boss Chase Carey says that two races currently on the calendar will go away in 2020.

“We’re in the process of finalizing our 2020 race calendar,” Carey said.

“We have agreements in principle on two renewals, and are actively engaged on three other renewals.

“In addition we have already announced our race in Hanoi, and construction has begun on the track and facilities.

“It will be a street course that is one of the most unique and challenging racetracks in the world, with 22 corners and a couple of long straights, the design of which we have been intimately involved with. I was in Hanoi a few weeks ago, and the excitement was palpable.

“In addition to Hanoi, we also have an agreement in principle to add another new circuit to our calendar in 2020.

“We’ve not finalised the number of races in 2020, but we currently expect it to be 21, the same as 2019.

“Obviously the maths means that we will not be able to renew all our current races.”

Monza has renewed and so has Baku and this leaves Silverstone, Hockenheim, Mexico and Barcelona. If I had to bet, I’d say Barcelona and Hockenheim may be on the way out to make room for the Vietnamese Grand Prix in Hanoi and another race. Possibly Zandvoort.

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Barcelona (queue Freddie) and Hockenheim will be gone.


We’ve already seen from the Olympics and the World Cup that Brazil has a particular knack for turning these big sports-infrastructure projects into giant boondoggles, even more so than the World Cup and Olympics usually are. I have a feeling that the odds of a new track in Rio being ready for the 2021 season are approximately zero. Hopefully that means that Interlagos will be safe for at least a few more seasons. It’s really a shame that F1 is so willing to throw away such an excellent and historic racetrack just because they’ve got a chance to build a… Read more »

澤銘 吳

indeed, I don’t see the new Brazilian track at Rio will draw half of the crowd that Sao Paolo got.