Brazil Quali: Massa pole, Hamilton Impedes Kimi, Alonso 4th



More controversy surrounds Lewis Hamilton’s bid to be the youngest world champion in Formula 1. Twice during Q3 Lewis Hamilton came out in front of Kimi’s Ferrari during a hot lap. The second time noticeably impeding his lap. The post-qualifying press conference got a little heated, as reported expertly by Planet F-1, and Lewis basically apologized if he impeded Kimi an announced that we move on. The question is, will we? Will the Stewards or the FIA make anything of this or would that be micromanaging to the extreme? They have penalized others for impeding this year and penalized Kubica for touching Lewis and affecting his race. Will Ferrari seize the moment and file a protest to the FIA that Lewis affected their championship bid? Oh the controversy never stops.

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Congrats, Grace!


Thanks man. Needless to say I’m pretty excited.