BRDC turmoil

our man Kevin Garside at the Telegraph has written and interesting article about the BRDC having a vote of confidence of their board members now that they have lost the British Grand Prix.  Apparently they are very angry over the money the board spent trying to entice FOM to stay and there is a real row brewing.  You can read Kevin’s comments here.

Color me reactionary but I suggest not being sore losers over the issue.  yes, you probably spent millions trying to keep the GP but in the end, resorting to mutiny with the board only makes things worse.  It says to the rest of the world that infighting like this proves there is a lack of professional and skillful discourse that probably caused the GP to leave in the first place.  If a member organization is so irrational as to mutiny when things go wrong, no wonder they couldn’t get consensus on track improvements and other issues the FOM were seeking.  Irrespective of if the FOM demands were egregious or  unrealistic, there is a decorum in handling issues like this. I would expect the BRDC to be members of note and able to manage adversity but perhaps I give them too much credit.

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