Breakaway Series?

Bernie Ecclestone has rubbished rumors that he and the team principles met twice this weekend to discuss a breakaway series in light of Max Mosley’s retention as FIA President.  Bernie said:

“Nobody has discussed a breakaway series,” Ecclestone said as he made an unscheduled visit to the Grand Prix media centre at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

“We have been discussing what we are putting in a Concorde Agreement, which we have spent two years trying to get signed.”

Apparently Mr. E is concerned that the lack of a Concorde Agreement has left room for sponsor reticence and suggests that this needs to get done to give teams and sponsors some stability.  One might read between the lines there.

I, for one, think a new governing body would be worthy of exploration.  The FIA has clearly shown their ability to politic and brandish their litigious bravado with the recent vote of confidence afforded Mr. Mosley in what clearly is a situation worthy of resignation to most sponsors, manufacturer’s and larger clubs.  A new series would afford more manufacturer involvement in the process and might ensure more evenly applied rules, regulations and redemptive positions.

When this scandal happened, I watched carefully the actions and reactions of Max Mosley and it occurred to me, quite unfortunately, that his love of motor racing has been surpassed (several years ago perhaps) by his love of himself.  At this critical time, I think I would be receptive to an Ecclestone / Manufacturer lead exploration of a breakaway series that brings my beloved sport back into some modicum respectability.

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