Breaking: Ferrari getting rid of ‘smoking’ bar code

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Ferrari is going to remove the bar code livery from its cars beginning this weekend, a move that, I have to say, seems pretty shocking.

Here’s the announcement:

Change of livery

Montmelò, 6th May – Together with Philip Morris International we have decided to modify the livery of our cars starting with the Barcelona Grand Prix.

This decision was taken in order to remove all speculation concerning the so-called “bar code” which was never intended to be a reference to a tobacco brand.

By this we want to put an end to this ridiculous story and concentrate on more important things than on such groundless allegations.

Now, no surprise that Ferrari would keep throwing punches even as it falls to the mat, but still, this seems like a very… well, un-Ferrari-like move.

Despite the protests, does anyone see this as anything other than Ferrari bowing to pressure, trying to avoid possible legal battles or… even more… as evidence that the bar code was exactly what people were saying it was: subliminal Marlboro packaging?


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