Breaking (literally): Alonso’s chassis is toast


Buried in the Ferrari post about the team’s post-Monaco “rah rah” meeting is this bit of news:

During the meeting, which lasted over two hours, it was revealed that the chassis – number 283 -damaged during the accident on Saturday can no longer be used. At the moment it remains to be seen which chassis will be made available for Felipe and Fernando for the next Grand Prix.

The full release is here, and it otherwise covers the usual. Luca di Montezemolo complimented the team for making the most of a bad weekend, given Fernando Alonso’s crash in practice.

The team also announced this: “Turkey should see the debut of an evolution of the software controlling the blown rear wing and other important advances will be introduced by the end of June.”

That’s on top of what seems to be the development news moving toward the Turkish Grand Priz, which is all about different team’s F-ducts.

Over at Autosport, they’ve got Ferrari focused big-time on this year’s hot development trick. Here’s a quote from Stefano Domenicali:

“We need to keep up the pace for development for sure. We need to work on the improvement of our efficiency on the aerodynamic side, because that is the most important thing we need to focus on.

“And I think that, for example, in Turkey we have to make sure that our system of the rear wing that we tried in Barcelona is really working and is effective, and has no downsides. And we have some good developments that should be ready afterwards, so that is what we do.

I think you will see a lot of F-ducts in about 10 days. What will be key: Will one of those ducts be on the Red Bulls?

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