Breaking: Spa saved! Belgians still have common sense

If you move in to a house next to an airport, can you expect to hear jets landing and taking off? If you buy a house next to a racing circuit, can you expect to hear the occasional race and engine noise from cars? The answer, to me anyway, seems to be a resounding yes but residents near the Spa Francorchamp circuit have attempted to put a halt to racing there as it is noisy.

RTBF has announced that Philippe Henry, the Walloon regional Minister of the Environment, Planning and Mobility has passed an ordinance, of sorts, that will see the race continue until 2011 when a new discussion will center around scientific data collected this year regarding sound pollution. That sound pollution is a booger! Takes 100 years to degrade and can’t be buried just anywhere. The half life is something upwards of 100 years and the mess it makes on cheap vinyl siding is terrible. You have to bag it in white plastic bags (no handles) and use Lysol on the empty noise pollution bin when you empty it.

Is this a joke? They also are demanding that at least two weeks during the summer months that there be no racing at all. Here’s an idea…MOVE!!! Don’t get me started but when you move next to a racing circuit, you should be denied any claim to noise pollution. Why do I suspect Al Gore may be getting ready to make a few million on this deal?

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