Breaking: Tunnel at Spa collapses

This one happened yesterday, so I’m not sure it’s “breaking” news — but wait, it is.

A tunnel at Spa-Francorchamps collapsed yesterday during a Club Subaru event. No one was hurt.

The Guardian has the few details:

Work is now under way to repair a hole that has appeared in the run -off area of the Blanchimont corner, while there are also a few minor fissures in the track asphalt.

It is understood the tunnel collapsed due to age as it had not been modified since its construction in 1978.

This season’s Belgian GP takes place on 29 August.

I include the date, not just in case Team F1B really wants to surprise Mark Hallam, but because that’s the clear target for repairs. And given the Belgium GP’s less than stellar finances these past few years, I can only imagine that this unplanned repair job is going to hurt the track’s owners. Just how significantly, well, we’ll see if we find out.

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