Breaking: USGP location could be announced this week

The location for the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas could be announced some time this week, according to an Austin TV station.

Elroy, Texas residents are enthusiastic about the potential economic benefits of the Formula 1 race ended up in their area, Fox 7 TV says:

It has not been made official where near ABIA a new Formula One Race Track will be built, but just in case, people here are sending a message. At an intersection known as Downtown Elroy, about eight miles from ABIA a gas station owner says the buzz around town is good.

“All the neighborhoods we have they talk about it all the time, they say it’s good for us,” says Shell Gas Station owner Ruk Nuddin Dhukka.

Officials say the three-mile long race track could bring in more than $25 Million per year. Those are numbers that after two years of a troubled economy, Dhukka says, sound promising.

Elroy resident Art Nunes says he knows what a racing track can do for a small community.

“I go to the races in Fort Worth and I see what that track has done,” said Nunes.

Nunes owns land near State Hwy 130, and says he’s banking on selling his property and making some money.

“I think it will bring a lot of money to the community, I think property values will go up,” said Nunes.

It isn’t just Elroy that’s got its eye on the race:

Residents in Del Valle are also hoping to get a piece of the racing pie. Marnijeh Huereca is the President of the Del Valle Community Coalition. She says a race track would also attract hotels and restaurants in the area, and it would be a shot in the arm for a place that desperately needs it.

“Right now Del Valle doesn’t have a lot as far as self sustaining employment and we’re really hoping to have those jobs in Del Valle,” said Huereca.

Both cities are right around Austin’s international airport and in the vicinity of where race organizers have suggested the track will end up. We’ll keep our eyes out for an official announcement.

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