Brembo: We caused Vettel’s off? Give us a break

Sebastian Vettel’s race-wrecking off at Australia was not a brake problem, supplier Brembo is saying today.

This from the BBC:

“Vettel’s exit was not caused by the braking system. The torque drive between the front left axle and wheel was lost,” Brembo said in a statement.

“The wheel nut was correctly tightened at the pitstop as well as other possible causes of the fault.”

The team apparently is investigating what might be the cause. The question is, can it figure it out and fix it by this weekend?

My question for everyone is: What strikes you as worse? That Vettel’s problems are something entirely unrelated to his engine problems at Bahrain or if it somehow were tied together? It is starting to seem like the Red Bull has a lot of issues, although Mark Webber’s car hasn’t had any serious troubles that he didn’t cause.

Maybe the team needs to quietly swap their chassis and hope no one notices?

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