Briatore and Binotto rumors

FILMING DAY STATICO - MARANELLO 18/02/2021 credit: © Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

It is reported that Alpine may be seeking the advice of former Renault boss Flavio Briatore amidst a tumultuous 2023 and 2024 season. Briatore is said to be in consideration by the team as a special consultant role to advise the team.

The team have not commented on the report, posted by Corriere della Serra and French newspaper L’Equipe. It’s an interesting turn of events given Briatore was banned from the F1 paddock for life over his role int eh 2008 crash gate scandal but that ban was lifted in 2013 and he was seen in Monaco this week with F1 boss Stefano Domenicali according to Autosport.

This isn’t the only rumor making the rounds of late. There are a few articles suggesting that Lawrence Stroll is upset with Aston Martin’s reversal of performance and there is suggestion that former Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto could be joining the team. One presumes to replace Mike Krack but this is all rumors at the moment.

Either way, what it does suggest is that there is a lack of confidence in leadership at both Alpine and Aston Martin. Not just mid-level management but at the very top. Briatore has led two teams to world titles and did so by getting the red tape and car-by-committee foibles out of the way. It was his way or the highway as they say when he helmed both Benetton and Renault.

In the case of Alpine, it’s better late than never but they should have been making these serious upper management moves years ago when they failed to hit the mark on their progress when Daniel Ricciardo was there. As for Aston Martin, what I appreciate about Lawrence is that, unlike Gene Haas, he is not willing to throw good money after bad and will make changes immediately to stop wasting resources and look for gains. That is, if he makes a change to his leadership in 2024.

F1 is a brutal sport and it takes a very special talent to do what Jean Todt, Flavio Briatore, Christian Horner, Toto Wolff, Ross Brawn, Ron Dennis, Frank Williams, Colin Chapman, and many others have done. Bernie Ecclestone once said that it takes a benevolent dictator to run F1 and teams…I am paraphrasing there. But the point is well taken. Ferrari’s issues since Jean Todt and Ross Brawn left are well documented and the major senior management purge made things even more difficult. Perhaps Fred Vasseur can get the entire team behind him.

If either of these stories are true, it couldn’t hurt to seek Flavio’s wisdom on Alpine’s struggles. In the case of Aston Martin, like I said with Haas, sometimes you have to fire the coach in order to make significant progress and I think Haas held on to Gene for longer than was beneficial for either of them.

Zak Brown made a change, not of his choosing, at the team boss level with Andrea Stella. Williams will be another one to watch with James Vowles at the helm.

Sometimes these rumors simply fabricate themselves from journalistic pondering and it is difficult to know if they are true or simply reading something into a statement that simply isn’t there. They often say in F1 where there is smoke there is fire so we will have to wait and see if any of this comes to fruition.

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Chao Flavio! Now, while I am not condoning anything: I must admit I’m a bit nostalgic for his style of excess and debauchery on the grid. I’ll say prayer for Alpine’s ‘handlers’.


It baffles me that Flavio was ever let back onto the grid. I guess if you are a rich white man you’ll be forgiven for anything. I, however, haven’t.

Not sure why Binotto would do it to himself and go to AM, maybe he can get Gunter a job there too.