Briatore creating new series called GP1? What it means to F1

The depth and level of politics currently happening behind closed doors in Formula One is nothing short of astounding but the fans are being kept at a safe distance so as not to get singed by the heat or too steeped in the money moves that all combine to create a massive under tow to the sport. German news site Auto Motor und Sport has penned a story here that suggests that all players in the renegotiation of the Concorde Agreement, the flotation of the sport on the Singapore market, the continuing role fo the FIA and the position of the teams in not only the Concorde Agreement but the flotation as well.

The article says that the teams are keen for the FIA to have a set of rules that includes a budget cap with 9 of the 10 teams seeking such an inclusion in the new regulations. There is talk about the 2014 turbo engine regulations and a possible delay of that format as well as the small teams would like to hold off ont hat format.

One issue that did seep into the public press rooms was a spat between Mercedes and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone about the teams position, or lack thereof, in the flotation structure while Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari were reported to have seats at the ownership table.  While ‘experts’ have better insight to the machinations of this issue, no one but the parties involved truly know all the details of what Mercedes want and what Ecclestone is willing to give.

Early last year we said that 2012 will be, possibly, the single biggest impact on Formula 1 in the sports history. I am not speaking of the tires and DRS rather the ownership structure, Concorde Agreement and the FIA’s role in all of it. There are many parties to this agreement and it all hinges on money. The entire complexion of the sport could look very similar to what we have or radically change depending on how the negotiations go.

Flavio is back! maybe.

Auto Motor und Sport suggests that there is another element at play here as well…Flavio Briatore. The famous former Renault team boss is said to be penning the rules and regulations of a new series called GP1 and this would be used should the FIA not sign to the Concorde Agrement or there is a fallout from negotiations. The story says that Ferrari are keen for a new series called GP1 but keep in mind that these are all moves and sub-moves to prop up negotiations.

In the end, the teams want more money, the FIA wants more money and regulatory oversight (and other things I am not privy to) and the commercial rights holders want a new flotation and ownership structure. Teams are keen to be part of that ownership structure but Mercedes is rumored to not be among the potential owner list.

It’s all clear as mud and we stand by our assertion that this is the biggest year in F1 history. What happens, and is happening now, will shape the series for decades and as fans, you may want to keep your eye on the bouncing ball…and the bouncing Briatore.

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