Briatore: Hamilton will throw title away

So…Flavio….how do you really feel? Wow, quite an endorsement from our man about the paddock, Flavio Briatore. I guess he doesn’t have much hope for Lewis’s title chances. Then again, he is actually correct on Lewis needing to realize that he is a young man who needs to develop his race craft.

“In my opinion Hamilton will try again to throw away the title,” Briatore was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport. “He and McLaren were good last year already: to lose it with a 17-point advantage with two races to go is worthy of the Guinness World Records.

“If someone gets in the Guinness like that, he can really repeat himself with just five points of advantage. In my opinion Massa will win the title.”

He added: “Hamilton hasn’t learned anything: we saw that in Japan. He should be told he is an F1 driver, not a martian. He is no Muhammad Ali. He is a youngster who still has to show his worth.

“He’s a good driver, but the good drivers are also the ones that bring the results home. There are good forwards in football who always hit the post or the crossbar, and they just can’t score. Then there are those who can throw it inside the net, and he is not one of them, for now.

“It’s logical for me to root for Ferrari, as an Italian, as Flavio Briatore, and as Renault, for the relationship we have with Ferrari. McLaren, by contrast, accused us of espionage: we went on for four months for a silly thing that didn’t exist.”

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