Bridgestone more aggressive in Germany

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According to AUTOSPORT, Bridgestone is set to bring a more aggressive tire allocation to Germany in the hopes of making F1 even more unpredictable…or predictable depending on how you look at it.

It seems the Super-soft compounds were all the rage in Canada with teams scrambling for grip that lasted longer than five laps. This super-soft compound has been blamed for exciting racing in Canada…so called.

With that in mind, Bridgetone announced this week that it would now bring the super-soft compound to the remaining races, if it proves safe enough, and this should allow for a repeat of Canada with the teams struggle with tactics, pit stops and grip.

Today it seems that this isn’t quite good enough as the tire maker is now goind to increase the stepped allocation, which normally skipped a step, to two steps between compounds. In Germany they will bring the super-soft and hard leaving quite a disparity between compounds.

“The Hungaroring requires a softer allocation as finding grip is always a target there. Spa and Monza are high speed tests for cars and tyres, needing a harder allocation because of the heat durability requirements. Singapore is a high-speed street course where the softer allocation is suited.”

Don ‘t get me started. I am speechless as to the multitude of ways this company, under FOM guidance, can attempt to create or manufacture competitive, exciting racing. It’s a gimmick that I has little patience for.


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