Bridgestone: Stiffness Gap Returns

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Bridgestone announced today that they will return to the “stiffness gap”, their words, for two of the four remaining races. Sounds like a “male enhancement” product now doesn’t it?

“We are pleased to release our final allocations,” said Bridgestone’s Hirohide Hamashima. “Singapore is a street course and based on our experience there last year we feel the soft and super soft is the best choice. For Suzuka we will have a gap in compound hardness.

“This will be an interesting return to this great circuit as half of the circuit has a new surface, so tyre usage considerations could be challenging. In Brazil we also stay with the stiffness gap. It can get very hot in Sao Paulo and we usually see a good race there, although I think we will struggle to have a race as exciting as the one we had last season.

“Abu Dhabi is a new destination for us. Although it is technically a street course, we are bringing harder compounds than we use at the other street courses. We feel that the hard compound would be too stiff for this new circuit, so we are bringing the consecutive soft and medium compounds.”

So we have this to look forward to. A stiffness gap. I am still reminded, even after the bore-fest that has become Valencia, that the “stiffness gap” initiative is a bad idea. At least Valencia had closer racing and tire compounds that were workable by the teams. The hot weather scuppered the chance to see if Brawn GP had come to grips with their issues but who knows, Spa may make things very clear.

Singapore= Soft/Super Soft
Japan= Soft/Hard
Brazil= Super Soft/Medium
Abu Dhabi= Soft/Medium
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