British Grand Prix to stay…gee, you think?

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In the good news file; Bernie Ecclestone looked over the grand stands and saw 90,000 people at Friday Practice and while that is three times the amount of people at the Turkish Grand Prix two weeks ago; I think he decided that threatening the British Grand Prix may be a bad thing after all. Bernie’s high-handed approach has always left many with a sour tongue and if one needed any other reminder of why Bernie’s Asian foray is a loser concept for anyone but himself; the attendance for this weekend alone could be equal to several Asian races and Turkey. Ge, good call there Bernie. Reassure the British public that there will be a race as throngs of people put their bums in seats during a worldwide economic meltdown. ya think????

Leave it to the Brit’s to support the race in a horrible economy and show the rest of the world that F1 races are still the top-shelf of racing and should be attended. Other circuits in Asia and Turkey had anemic turnouts as the economy has bludgeoned the people and F1 revenue stream. But in the U.K., things are still hard core when it comes to F1.

There has been some concern that the Donington Park circuit may not be ready for 2010 but Bernie has assured the world that there will be a British Grand Prix in 2010 and Silverstone will return should Donington not get their act together.


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