Button, Alonso speculation at feverish pitch

Perhaps a lot of the speculation regarding Jenson Button is down to the suggestions that he would announce his retirement in Japan this weekend and up until now, that hasn’t happened. So, speculation begins.

I find it odd that Mercedes, who are winning everything lately, also feel compelled to have heaping spoonfuls of comments and opinion on everything in F1 including other teams, drivers and contracts. Such is usually the case with team boss Toto Wolff but Nikki Lauda has also muddied waters over the Button affair as well saying that he spoke with JB and the 2009 champion wants to drive for McLaren next year it’s just that they are haggling over money.To which JB said:

“The second one is not true,” Button said, referring to the money claims.

“The first one. I never understand him anyway. I think I said yes being friendly. But we didn’t really have a conversation as such.”

Who knows what Nikki means…but its provocative! I do get a kick out of how things are so dominant at Merc that they seem bored over there and feel they need to get infused in McLaren’s internal driver issues as well as Red Bull’s engine issues and in time, perhaps they’ll tackle the Syrian refugee crisis or how best to feed Lotus mechanics on the go. They’ve turned into the F1 paddock’s version of Alec Baldwin for crying out loud.

I, for one, would like to see Jenson in F1 in 2016 and if it is at McLaren, that’s great. I’m not perplexed to the point of trying to force the issue to match my speculation that he hasn’t announced his retirement and I also am not one of those who believe he should make way for the young drivers. He’s an ace driver and deserves a ride in F1. McLaren would do well to retain him.

Speaking of McLaren, it seems that FLavio Briatore has also offered some anecdotal warning that if Fernando Alonso isn’t promised a competitive car for 2016, he could be leaving as well. All this while team boss Ron Dennis is laid up in a Tokyo hotel with a virus…one presumes its Hondanitus.

Hat Tip: BBC Sport

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Patrick Chapman

…one presumes its Hondanitus. I heard that it was Hondamonia.

Patrick Chapman

Nicky I believe has Verbalitus.

Will Irwin

also known as Markoitis


The focus is on Button and Alonso, as the highest paid and most visible parts of McHonda, but how many of the McLaren team (designers, engineers, mechanics, aerodynamisist) must be being tempted by offers to join other more competitive teams and series. When Ron gets over his virus he might find the garage empty apart from Hondas power unit squad

Paul KieferJr

Even if it wasn’t true that Button was retiring (which we’ve yet to determine), why would anyone want to stay there? What solid, tangible thing gives them motivation? (No, money doesn’t count this time.)


After Alonso’s “GP 2 Engine, GP 2 AAARGH” radio message, Ron was asked about his drivers on the BBC. He responded that he had a three year contract with one, and a two year contract with the other. When pressed about the option for Button’s second year, he said the option was to drop Jenson, and the team had no intention of exercising that option.