Button: Alonso tougher teammate than Hamilton

Jenson Button has generally done very well when it comes to racing against his teammate. In fact, in many cases he’s beaten his teammate and this includes 3-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve been a fan of Button’s for several years after he had his teeth-cutting era at Williams. When pressed, he’s as good as anyone on the grid.

This year, he’s been teamed with one of the sport’s best drivers in the form of Fernando Alonso and while, once again, he leads his teammate in points he also knows that Alonso has had worse reliability than he has in 2015.

So what’s it like being teamed with Alonso versus his time with Hamilton?

“In a race, it’s a bigger challenge, I would say, a more consistent challenge,” Button said.

“He’s always there. On some race days, Lewis was untouchable. And on other race days, it was like, ‘where is he?’

“I’m guessing he’s a different driver now, more experienced, but Fernando is always there, always competitive.

“If he’s in front of you, you’re holding on, and if he’s behind you, he’s pushing you a lot.

“That’s great, though, I like that. I think that’s important in a team.

“It’s definitely helped us this year.”

He’s right, Hamilton isn’t the driver he was when teamed with Button at McLaren. He, like many other champions, has progressed and become a more complete driver and sharpened race craft. Regardless, Button knows a thing or two about drivers and I trust him when he says that Alonso is the complete package.


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Paul KieferJr

Given that we’ve seen what Alonso’s done, Button’s probably right about this.

Junipero Mariano

Although they may have wised up by now, I’m sure there was a time when new drivers at a team pored over the telemetry from their outgoing counterparts to discover their braking points, brake release, throttle application, amount of steering to get a glimpse of the driving style.

Anybody have insight on how contracts handle this situation?