Button and wife, Jessica, split

Not to get all tabloid here at FBC but according to reports, Jenson Button and his wife, Jessica Michibata, have separated after just a year of marriage. A representative said:

“Jenson and Jessica have decided to go their separate ways and it is very amicable. There is no one else involved.”

The couple had been dating since 2009 and the reason I post this story is that while I respect their personal lives and decisions, I can’t help but feel like this is a real shame as they made a terrific couple.

I was walking downtown in Austin this year and passed both of them. they were walking down the street holding hands. I wished JB luck on Sunday’s race and he was polite. After they had left, I recall telling the people I was with that this is truly a great couple in F1.

It was a tough year for JB with his McLaren struggling to beat the Manor GP team for last place. Conversely, while I would have thought JB and Jessica were the most likely to succeed and a model couple in F1, you have Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen who seems to have taken over the mantel as team CEO Sergio Marchionne says:

“I’ve seen a huge change in Kimi during the season,” said Marchionne.

“The second half of the season was much better than the first half. It was like watching a movie.

“We were talking with some of our colleagues in the last few days and I think we are beginning to look at a different Kimi.

“The fact he is married with a kid, he showed me a picture of his son earlier this month, he’s a proud father.

“It’s reflective of the changes in his own life. I think he is becoming a lot more settled, which I think will be helpful in 2016.

“I think he’s going to be probably the most engaged that we have seen him in the last little while and I’m delighted he’s part of the team.”

Who knew? You never can tell.

Hat Tip: Motorsport and AUTOSPORT


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Peter Riva

damn sad news about Jenson. Hard for them.

Chris Woods

Aww, that’s sad. Jenson seems to genuinely love Japan – and Jessi and he seemed to make a good pair. Perhaps the last couple of years of work-related trials put so much of a strain on both of them it became too much. What a shame.


I have to think that the F1 life style combined with the lifestyle of a super model has to be hard on any serious relationship.

Although the romantic in me is is personally sad to hear that Jenson and Jessica are splitting up, I have to remind myself that you can *never* tell about other people’s relationships. So often, couples that appear to have the most difficult and conflicted relationships, in fact get along great and those appear to be blissfully happy and content are quite the opposite. The mysteries of love and life, I guess.


Grace must be happy.

Mike S

Down time can be dangerous for us fans, because instead of tire temp and turbo boost data…we begin to think about other things in F1. And I am really sad to hear about the break up since it seemed stable compared to another British F1 drivers on/off/on/off/on/on/off/off/on/off relationship in the public view, I kinda have to wonder. Does anyone know wth happened about the Jenson robbery? What was the outcome? I mean the only thing missing from this Michael Bay event was a Hans Zimmer soundtrack. Was the house gassed? Did the criminals take Jessica’s ring? Might unfolding inside info… Read more »


Thank goodness! One less person for the director to point the cameras at instead of on the cars on track. Apologies, Jenson. I’m sad for you, but happy for me and my fellow fans.